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Pomade 101: Your Guide to This Classic Hair Styling Tool

Pomade 101: Your Guide to This Classic Hair Styling Tool

Pomade 101: Your Guide to This Classic Hair Styling Tool

Pomade, a mainstay in hairstyling for over a century, is making a major comeback. But with so many options available, you might have some questions. Is it good for your hair? What kind of hair is it for? Worry not, fellow hairstyling enthusiasts! This comprehensive guide will answer all your burning pomade questions and help you achieve that perfect hairstyle.

What is Pomade?

Pomade is a thick, oil-based or water-based hair styling product that provides hold, shine, and definition to hair. It's traditionally used to create classic hairstyles like pompadours, slick backs, and quiffs. Pomades come in various hold strengths, from light to high, and finishes, from matte to high shine.

Is Pomade Good for Your Hair?

Pomade can actually be beneficial for your hair when used correctly. Here's how:

  • Taming Frizz: Pomade helps control frizz and flyaways, keeping your hairstyle looking polished all day long.
  • Shine Boost: For a touch of glamour, pomade adds shine and luster to your hair, making it look healthy and vibrant.
  • Moisture Lock-in: Some pomades, especially water-based ones, can help lock in moisture, preventing dryness.


Does Pomade Cause Hair Loss?

There is no scientific evidence directly linking pomade use to hair loss. However, improper pomade use can contribute to hair concerns:

  • Scalp Build-up: Heavy oil-based pomades, if not washed out thoroughly, can clog scalp pores and hinder hair growth.
  • Scalp Irritation: Harsh chemicals in some low-quality pomades can irritate the scalp, potentially leading to hair loss if left untreated.
  • Pulling and Breakage: If you're not careful when applying or removing pomade, you might snag or pull on your hair, causing breakage.

What Kind of Pomade is Bad for Your Hair?

Here are some red flags to watch out for when choosing a pomade:

  • Alcohol-laden: Alcohol can be very drying for hair, so avoid pomades with high alcohol content.
  • Mystery Ingredients: If the label is full of unrecognizable chemicals, it's best to steer clear. Look for natural or organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • Rock-Solid Hold: While strong hold is great for some styles, excessively strong pomades can be difficult to remove, leading to buildup.

Who Uses Pomade?

Pomade is a versatile product suitable for all hair types and genders. Here's a breakdown:

  • Classic Slick Backs: For that timeless, sophisticated look, pomade is a must-have for men and women with short to medium hair.
  • Textured Styles: Pomade can also be used to create textured styles like pompadours, quiffs, and messy buns.
  • Taming Frizz: Those with curly or frizzy hair can use pomade to control frizz and define curls.


What's the Best Pomade?

The ideal pomade depends on your hair type, desired style, and personal preference. Here's a breakdown of our Pomade:

Dash For Him Pomade is Infused with a subtle purple pigment, our pomade offers unique color-enhancing benefits. This pigment brightens and revitalizes white hair, counteracting brassiness and yellow tones. For those with dark hair, the same pigment adds a touch of depth and dimension, creating a richer, more luxurious look. This makes our pomade a versatile choice for anyone seeking to enhance their natural hair color with a touch of sophistication

  • Hair Type: Fine hair benefits from lighter-hold water-based pomades, while thick or coarse hair can handle heavier oil-based pomades.
  • Style: For slick backs and high shine, choose a high-hold, high-shine pomade. For textured styles, a medium-hold, matte finish pomade might be better.
  • Ingredients: Look for pomades with natural ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, or water (for water-based pomades). Avoid harsh chemicals and alcohol.

Using Pomade with Wet Hair:

Pomade typically works best on dry or damp hair. Applying pomade to soaking wet hair might dilute the product and make it less effective.

How to Choose the Right Pomade for You?

Consider the factors mentioned above and don't be afraid to experiment! Start with a small amount of product and work your way up. If you have concerns about your hair type or scalp health, consult a hairstylist for personalized recommendations.

Here's Why Our Water-Based Pomade is a Great Choice:

Our water-based pomade offers several benefits:

  • Lightweight and Easy to Wash Out: No more struggling with greasy residue! Water-based pomades rinse out easily, preventing buildup.
  • Hydration Boost: Water is a natural humectant

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